Coole Mädels und tumbe Jungs vom Lande in Uniform, erstere wollen ins Stadion und danach mit der iranischen Mannschaft nach Deutschland zur WM, letztere wissen gar nicht so richtig, worum es da drinnen im Stadion eigentlich geht: Fussball, Gesellschaft in Absurdistan – das geht nur, das geht sehr gut als Komödie. Offside.

Aus einem Kommentar in der IMDB:

However, thinking now about Offside, it’s hard to imagine it as anything other than a comedy, because the situation it presents is so obviously ridiculous. As the women demand to know why they can’t watch the soccer match and their captors struggle to answer, the only possible outcome is comedy. What makes Offside most affecting is that the young women are not portrayed as activists attacking the system. They are simply soccer fans and patriots, and despite the fact that they are clearly being treated unfairly, they never lose their focus on the match and the historic victory that is within their nation’s grasp.

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