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Solaris als kulturelles Phänomen

Von Joerg stammt der Hinweis auf ein ausführliches Framework für einen Vergleich der Betriebssysteme Linux und Solaris, bezogen auf einen Einsatz in großen Unternehmen. – It’s bookmarked!

Der Text stammt von Dr. Nikolai Bezroukov, der Name klingt sehr russisch … und siehe da, der Text schließt mit einer kurzen Betrachtung zu Solaris as a cultural phenomenon, Stanislaw Lems Solaris bzw. Andrei Tarkowskis Verfilmung ins Spiel bringend:

What is really interesting, the word Solaris is more common in major Slavic languages, for example Polish, Russian, Ukrainian than in English. That is due to the famous Russian movie Solaris produced long before Solaris 1.0 became available. It’s actually a deep philosophical film, but simplifying you can consider it to be a Hitchcock-style sciFi film about a mysterious alien civilization (thinking ocean). Film convey a rather paranoid atmosphere of mystery superficially similar to the experience of a Windows user first time forced without any preparation into Unix command line environment and after desperate attempts to exit vi switching the computer off ;-). Actually the film is definitely worth a watch if you can get hold of it (Amazon has it), and if you are good in debugging and thus have enough patience to survive the first 30 min (it has a rather slow start).

The book on which the film was based was written by Stanislaw Lem and is considered to be a masterpiece of science fiction. […]

If Sun’s marketing are to be more inventive they probably should give the copies of the film (or at least of the book) to VIPs on each major customer presentation ;-). I would definitely include the copy of the book with Star Office and use it in examples. That might bring a better return on investment than any number of T-shirts with Sun logo…